"Some of the best online information for avalanche awareness anywhere on the web. The level 1 course is huge, the amount of info included is about double what is usually possible to run through in the normal 2 day course. I would highly recommend the courses to anybody interested in the backcountry."

"The objectives were met and in this format they were better retained compared to the old way of the 2 day field course."

This is the public home page for the Avalanche Institute. If you are a registered student and wish to go directly to the course program use the Dokeos Platform Home Page.

These public pages mirror the course/module description pages. The information provided for each course is extensive, far more than most avalanche education programs. It includes specific objectives for each module of each course as well as an outline of exactly what topics/pages are included in each, in order. There is also select student feedback, information on assessments and available resources, and more.

Courses Available:

NEW Avalanche Course - Safe Travel and Small Party Self-Rescue

"Level 1" Avalanche

Basic Avalanche Awareness

Avalanche Awareness for Climbers

Store Related Courses:

  • Use and Care of Avalanche Probes
  • Use and Care of Avalanche Shovels