"The level 1 course is huge, the amount of info included is about double what is usually possible to run through in the normal 2 day course. I would highly recommend the courses to anybody interested in the backcountry."

"The objectives were all met and in this format they were better retained compared to the old way of the 2 day field course."

This is the public home page for the Avalanche Institute. If you are a registered student and wish to go directly to the course program use the Dokeos Platform Home Page.

NEW Avalanche Course - Discounts on Avalanche Courses (these vary and have expirations)

Courses Available:

NEW Avalanche Course - Mountain Snowpack 1 (Serves as Module 5 of Level 1)

NEW Avalanche Course - Safe Travel and Small Party Self-Rescue (serves as Modules 2 and 3 of Level 1)

Level 1 Avalanche (Complete Course)

Basic Avalanche Awareness (Currently under revision)

Avalanche Course for Alpine Climbers (Will open around the end of April, targets late season May onwards)

Store Related Courses:

  • Use and Care of Avalanche Probes
  • Use and Care of Avalanche Shovels