Online Avalanche Course - Safe Travel and Small Party Self-Rescue

After an extended effort to prepare this course it is now available! The platform PHP code has been updated, the content has been reorganized, and many improvements have been made.

This course was formerly two modules (2 and 3) in the Level 1 course. It still serves that role (Level 1 students still take this as part of their course) but it is also available on its own now. The full value of this course can be applied towards the Level 1 course should you start with this and decide to continue. (A few restrictions such as time limits may apply.)

We provide full details of all of our courses. The description page has not only a narrative description but also a list of topics, all objectives, a complete outline, and information on assessment, resources, etc. Follow the links below for these details.

Avalanche Rescue Course Description

This page contains everything you could possibly want to know about exactly what is covered.

Feedback from Past Students

This rendition of the course is new but you can read a bit of select feedback from the former Modules 2 and 3 in the Level 1 course.

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On this page you can register to begin as soon as you wish. Be sure to log in as an avalanche center member for a discounted rate. We also offer special rates to groups, either yours or one we form. Use our contact form to be put contacted when this is available, and follow us on Facebook.