Online Level 1 Avalanche Course

Flowchart and Module Details - Registration

Level 1 Avalanche Course Description

This page (and the module sub-pages) describe the course in unprecedented detail. There are 10 online modules and 2 field days which the student uses to directly apply the course material on their own, with guidance and review. After all, when any such course is completed the important thing is to be able to use the material on ones own to plan, assess situations, and make decisions.

Each module has its own description page in full detail, and the objectives for each module are easily viewed in pop-up boxes. If you still have questions you can use our contact form.

Feedback from Past Students

This page has a bit of feedback relevant to the overall course. The description page for each module has feedback specific to that module as well.


On this page you can register to begin as soon as you wish. Be sure to log in as an avalanche center member for a discounted rate. We also offer special rates to groups, either yours or one we form. Use our contact form to be put contacted when this is available, and follow us on Facebook.

The content for the Level 1 pages is currently being updated. Check back for any changes!