Online Level 1 Avalanche Course

Avalanche Class Description and Content Details

If you are viewing this full-screen so that the flowchart is not scaled down you can read the objectives for any of the modules by clicking on its box in the flowchart. They will appear in a small pop-up window. Unfortunately this is almost impossible to design in a responsive manner so on a device like a phone or tablet it probably will not work.

For full details on any module, including objectives, use the links on the right side.

Flowchart Module 1 Objectives Module 2 Objectives Module 3 Objectives Module 4 Objectives Module 5 Objectives Module 6 Objectives Module 7 Objectives Module 8 Objectives Module 9 Objectives Module 10 Objectives Field Day 1 Objectives


Full Module Descriptions:

  1. Preliminary Material

  2. Safe Travel and Safety Equipment

  3. Self Rescue

  4. Weather 1

  5. Snowpack 1

  6. Terrain 1

  7. Human Factors 1

  8. Snowpack 2

  9. Decision Making

  10. Trip Planning

  1. Field Day #1

  2. Field Day #2