Safe Travel and Self-Rescue Avalanche Course

Registration - Avalanche Course/Class Payments

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The easiest way to register is by using a credit card. Processing is handled by PayPal but you do not need to have an account with them. (Below the Login box there is a choice for "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" - you may need to scroll down for this option. You may see an option to "Create an Account" instead of the "Pay with" choice, you can click on that and use a credit card and then decline to create an account if you do not want one.) If you have a paypal account you may also log into it and send the correct amount to "courses at csac dot org"

The cost for non-members is $50, for membersOpens in New Window it is less. If you are a member please log in so that the correct price is displayed and charged. You can click on the key to login now: Log in for an Ad-free visit(You may need to manually refresh this page after logging in.) If you would like to become a member before registering then contributeOpens in New Window, set up a members accountOpens in New Window, and return.

Avalanche Rescue CourseOpens in New Window, $47

We will contact you shortly after you register to get you set up and started. This is not an automated instant process - remember that this is not a stand-alone tutorial but a true course requiring human administration.