Current Special Discounts on Avalanche Courses

Remember that Avalanche Center membersLog-In always get a significant discount from the posted public price!

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Free Climbers Course Access for Members - 2024

Starting in mid-May (week 2-3) we will open course modules for limited time periods to members, at no cost. Each will be open long enough to complete it if a student is serious. The sign-up period will be short because this offer is late in the spring already so watch your email for members list announcements or contact us. The option to register at a discounted rate remains available for those wanting to complete the course on their own terms without designated time frames for the modules.

Expired Offers: The discounts below have expired and are posted for archival and reference purposes.

Get a big discount on the Climbers Course ! (2023)

During the first few weeks in April we are posting discount codes for our spring mountaineering avalanche course with a special link to a page where you can enter a current code. These codes may be shared in email to our list, on our Avalanche Center or Avalanche Institute Facebook page(s), on LinkedIn, and/or Twitter. They will have a lifetime of 24-48 hours from when they are first posted. Do your due diligence and review the course details now and then watch for a code! If you have a current discount code enter it here!

Need the current code? Contact us or email asking nicely and we'll just send it to you!


Black Friday Extension

This deal was for $10 during our black Friday through CyberMonday sale. Even at $20 now it is more than a 50% discount. If you missed out on black Friday don't miss out again now!

Take any of our short Level 1 Module courses for $20, plus a single fee of $6 regardless of how many courses you choose or what else is in your cart. Apply the full (non-member) value of $47 to the Level 1 course later if you wish to. You need to select one course at a time, if you want to take more than one then add them to your cart one at a time. Since this is programmed through the shopping cart used in our store there is a fixed shipping fee of $6 added per total order.

Course Details: Terrain 1Opens in New Window ; Snowpack 1Opens in New Window

Through May 20, 2021 - Climbers Course Pre-Opening Special

75% Discount plus a free t-shirt!

Applies to: Climbers Avalanche CourseOpens in New Window

Our estimated date for re-opening our updated Climbers Avalanche Course is May 18 or 19. Register before that time and get a special one-time rate of $49, which is 75% off of the full value! This 7 module course is targeted especially at climbing conditions and accidents from mid-May through June. Our case studies are incidents which occurred during this time frame.

When you complete the course we will also send you a free Avalanche Center t-shirt with the skiing skeleton logoOpens in New Window, while they last! A diligent student can complete all seven modules in a few days and then be better prepared for mountaineering ascents this season.

Once the course opens this will be discontinued. Other lesser discounts may still be offered at various times for various durations.

The conditions: Register here before the course opens, which we anticipate to happen on May 18 or 19. To receive a free t-shirt you must complete the course but there is not deadline or time frame, do it at your leisure.

If you are interested in registering for our Level 1 course you can apply the full cost to that course within 6 months.

The reason: This is a newly re-opened course. It was first prepared over 10 years ago but the site has been somewhat dormant for a couple years and the course was just rewritten. This is a "grand opening" discount, good for pre-registrations before the course opens.

Deadline: Register before the course opens for students on the 18th or 19th.

Course Details: The pages for the course contain complete details for each of the seven modules - a description, objectives, outline, etc.

Through May 15, 2021 - 50% Discount off either the public or members price

Applies to: Safe Travel and Avalanche Rescue and Avalanche Snowpack 1 short courses

The conditions: You need to complete the course within 2 weeks of registering. If you do this we will refund 50% of your payment, whether it was the full price or the members price. If you fail to complete within that time you can do so whenever you wish to but you will no longer be eligible for the discount. Two weeks is plenty of time for both of these courses although Safe Travel and Rescue in Avalanche Terrain may take a bit longer than Avalanche Snowpack 1 since it is 2 modules of the Level 1 combined.

If you are interested in registering for our Level 1 course you can apply the full price of either or both to that course before the end of May. Should you decide to do that you can start or continue the Level 1 at the earliest convenient and practical time in the fall of 2021 when a winter snowpack returns.

The reason: These courses are new short spin-offs from the Level 1 and are still required parts of that course. This process was completed late in the season so we will do more promotion in the fall. In the meantime we would like to help them become established by having serious students complete them. It's late in the season and this is a good way to wind it down and let people have an opportunity to check out our program.

Deadline: Register before May 15, 2021.

Course Details: The pages for each course contain complete details - a description, objectives, outline, etc. They also contain the registration pages.