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Bibliographies, Glossaries, Lexicons
  General Interest Jim Frankenfield  
  Technical Jim Frankenfield From an M.Sc. Thesis
  Index to Relevant Glossaries Avalanche Center Meteorology, Hydrology, more ...
Spring and Summer Hazards, Fall Hazards
  Fall Hazards mountain-guiding.com Article by Jim Frankenfield
  Spring and Summer Hazards mountain-guiding.com Article by Jim Frankenfield
  Types of Spring and Summer Avalanches mountain-guiding.com Article by Jim Frankenfield
  Spring Avalanches Colorado Firstrax Archive By Dave Sauer
  Why Highmark Kills CSAC By Jill Fredston and Doug Fesler

Avalanche Awareness for Snowmobilers   Article by Jim Frankenfield
Basic Information
  Be Slide-Wise to Navigate Direct Route to Avy Info Ski Patrol Magazine
Winter 2005
By Dr Steven Reinfurt, NSP Europe and Avalanche Center Board Member
  Awareness Reference for Mountaineers (Slovenian) Avalanche Center By Miha PAVSEK, Geografski institut ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana.(PDF)
  General Information Scottish Avalanche Information Service By the Scottish Mountain Safety Group
  Avalanche Basics Princeton Outdoor Action Program "Guide to Winter Camping" page
  Safe Travel - Routes Dave Sauer Colorado Firstrax Archive
  What to do if Caught Dave Sauer Colorado Firstrax Archive
Snow Stability and Stability Testing
  Rutschblock Quick-Reference Card Avalanche Center A wallet-sized reference card in pdf format
  Snow Stability and Avalanches Jim Frankenfield  
  Identifying Weak Layers Dave Sauer Colorado Firstrax Archive
Avalanche Dogs

Avalanche Dogs Dan Comden  
  Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association    
Special and Miscellaneous Topics
  World Danger and Hazard Scales CSAC  
  Glossary of Avalanche Related Terms CSAC  
  "Snowmans FAQs" Jim Frankenfield  
  Backcountry Avalanche Forecasting Funding Jim Frankenfield  
  World Map of Avalanche Regions    
  Resources for Schools CSAC  

Be sure to visit the Colorado Firstrax Avalanche Department - Now archived here on avalanche-center.org

We also have a page of ideas and resources for schools which may be useful for teachers, students and parents. (These are not specifically safety oriented but rather resources related to snow and avalanches in general.)

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