CSAC Avalanche Incident

Ogden UT area - Hiker

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Official Reports

From the Utah Avalanche Forecast Center annual report

On February 26, David Ebberhard, a 19-year-old student at Weber State University failed to return after taking a walk alone in the mountains behind campus, and a subsequent search failed to locate him. In early May, his body melted out of the snow in an avalanche path behind Weber State University. He did have some injuries and we may never know if this was an avalanche fatality or not. But it was a high danger of avalanches the day he disappeared, so we will call this an avalanche fatality unless subsequent evidence indicates otherwise.

Media Reports

Other Sources

From: David Eyre, eyre@math.utah.edu

My wife showed me an obituary in the SL Tribune about a 2 weeks ago that I thought you might want to know about.

The body of David Eberhard, a 19 year old man was found in an avalanche area. There weren't a lot of details in the obituary, but apparently, he went hiking alone on Feb 26th and didn't return. The implication was that he was killed because he was caught in a slide. The obituary didn't identify the avalanche area, but earlier stories in the SL Tribune indicated that searches were performed in the foothills east of Ogden (he was a Weber State student).