CSAC Avalanche Incident

Afghanistan - March 7, 1998

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Official Reports

Media Reports

Afghan avalanche kills 70 people north of Kabul

KABUL, March 8 (Reuters) - An avalanche hit a snow-covered village in the Salang area north of the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday, killing at least 70 people, an official said on Sunday.

Local rescue workers have so far retrieved 70 bodies from the area at the foot of the Hindukush mountains some 120 km (75 miles) from Kabul, Engineer Baryalai, spokesman for an opposition alliance controlling the area said.

"Some people are missing and because of the (difficult) terrain, it is hard to send assistance to the people and find out the exact death toll and the extent of the destruction,'' he said by telephone.

He said the area was covered by heavy snow.

The opposition-controlled Salang area is blocked from the south by the rival Taleban Islamic militia and from the north by snow that makes sending relief to survivors almost impossible, he said.

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