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Ever wonder what would happen to resources like public or community radio/tv, or many internet resources, if they were not made possible by underwriters?

They would need to either rely entirely on the your support as an individual or to stop offering the resource.

The Avalanche Center is not supported by any corporate or government underwriting. About 90% of our break-even budget comes from individual contributions and store sales. All labor is donated - including server administration, website development, content expertise, fundraising and bookeeping, etc. We have tried included advertising but never been able to gain much from it.

While the project is not made possible by any underwriting we don't believe it should be "not available at all". There are many additional benefits for members, and while the simplest way to join is to contribute $25 or more there are numerous other ways to become a member as well. Including making any purchase with a check-out cart value over $100. Details of all current options are available on the "Contribute Now" page.

Benefits for members are constantly being expanded but currently include: full access to searching and sorting incidents, access to incident report pages, some more detailed and advanced educational resources, free and discounted online classes in our Avalanche Institute, and an automatic discount on all store purchases. Our "benefits of membership" page is periodically updated to reflect all current membership advantages. Because we have limited resources we are limited in what we can offer, but there are advantages to being a member. Perhaps the largest is knowing that you are helping keep this site available at all.

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