Snow and Avalanche Center Archived News - 2005

Archived Avalanche News Stories - 2005

February 2005 - Incident Summary for 2004-05 Season Through January (PDF)

For the current season through January 31, 2005 the CSAC has filed 68 incident reports from around the world with a total of 99 fatalities. Reports are from 14 countries and 10 US states and include villages and highways as well as recreation. More ...

February 2005 - AlpenPro Announces The "Avalanche Blast" (PDF)

AlpenPro announces a new product for helicopter avalanche control blasting which replaces conventional explosives inside the cabin with gas filled balloon explosions suspended as an external load.

2005-03-23 - Avalanche Artillery Lands in Backyard

A 20-pound artillery shell loaded with too much gunpowder overshot its Provo Canyon avalanche target by about three miles, exploding in the back yard of a couple and piercing three homes with shrapnel. More ...

2005-03-31 - Avalanche Buries Residential Lot

An avalanche that roared 2,000 feet down Loafer Mountain in Woodland Hills came to a halt on a $200,000 residential building lot recently sold for development. The lot is now covered in 35 feet of snow. The avalanche stopped less than 100 feet from a vacant home that is up for sale. Avalanche studies were conducted before the development was built. More ...

2005-12-31 - RECCO Saves Life in German Backcountry Rescue

On New Year's Eve, a 29-year old German woman who was caught in an avalanche and trapped under 1.5 meters of snow was pinpointed with the RECCO avalanche rescue system and recovered alive after being completely buried for 45 minutes. The woman and her partner had been snowshoeing to a backcountry cabin when the slide hit, swept her 150 meters downhill and trapped her under 1.5 meters of debris in a narrow, hard-to-reach gully. More ...

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