Online Climbers Avalanche Course - Details

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This is a shorter focused variation of the Level 1 Avalanche CourseOpens in New Window with an emphasis on factors important in spring and in mountaineering. For a full comparison between this course and a regular full Level 1 course see this page.

You can read the objectives for any of the modules by clicking on its box in the flowchart. They will appear in a small pop-up window. (This will only work on a full size image, not when rescaled on a phone which is too small. But the objectives are also near the top of the full description pages.) For full details on any module use the links on the right side or below the flowchart.

Flowchart Module 1 Objectives Module 2 Objectives Module 3 Objectives Module 4 Objectives Module 5 Objectives Module 7 Objectives Module 10 Objectives

Full Module Descriptions: