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Avalanche Safety Airbag Flotation Packs

Backcountry Access Float 22   Red Dot -Color Choice Color Choice
Backcountry Access Float 32  Red Dot -Color Choice Color Choice

Flotation Pack Parts and Accessories

Please note that if you purchased your flotation pack from us we will sell any of the accessories for it at a great discount, generally 30% or so off the list retail below. It doesn't matter how long ago you purchased the pack. Contact us to take advantage of this so we can verify your purchase and bill you accordingly.

Backcountry Access Float Cylinder (Full)
Backcountry Access Float Cylinder (Empty)
Backcountry Access Float Refill Kit
Backcountry Access Float Snowboard Carry System

Avalanche Transceivers

BCA Tracker 3 Transceiver
Tracker 2 Transceiver
$ 299.45
Tracker DTS Transceiver
$ 239.45


Backcountry Access B-1 EXT Shovel
Backcountry Access B-2 EXT Shovel
Backcountry Access B-52 Shovel
Backcountry Access A-2 EXT Shovel w/ Saw


BCA Stealth 240 Probe
BCA Stealth 270 Probe
BCA Stealth 260 Carbon Probe
BCA Stealth 300 Probe

Snow Study Items

AIARE Field Book
Backcountry Access Snow Saw
Backcountry Access Snow Study Kit
Backcountry Access Crystal Card (Aluminum)
Backcountry Access Crystal Card (Lexan)

Other Products

Backcountry Access also makes numerous products which are not directly avalanche-safety related and therefore not part of our regular offerings. These other products include the Alpine Trekker and Climbing Skins. Visit the Backcountry Access website for more information.

We can special order any of their products for you, usually obtaining them within less than one week. Feel free to inquire.

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