Avalanche Terrain 1 Course (also Module 6 of Level 1)

Feedback from Past Students

Currently all feedback is from past Level 1 students, this course has only recently been made available on a stand-alone basis. However, while it has been improved in a few ways there have not been any hugely significant changes since the feedback below was left and it is still entirely relevant.

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  • The average student rating for this module, out of 10, is: 8.9
  • The average student rating for this module in relation to others, out of 10, is: 8.7
  • The percentage of students who felt all objectives were met is: 100%
  • Select Student Comments:

    • I enjoyed the content and format.
    • I think this was one of the best modules in regards to meeting the objectives.
    • I really feel like I have a much better grasp of what to look for when evaluating terrain.
    • Simple but informative. I learned a lot.
    • I really liked the specific map and picture route finding exercises.
    • Pictures and topo maps were very interesting. Pictures of flag trees were also helpful.
    • Absolutely - it was great!
    • Required time was reasonable.