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HOT Current Quiz

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Currently - The quiz is on Spring Avalanche Conditions. The questions come from our Climbers Avalanche CourseOpens in New Window which is designed specifically for spring mountaineering. This is an example of the quizzes also used throughout the Level 1 courseOpens in New Window, although there are other formats as well - multi-choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank, crosswords, etc. As well as some which are submitted via the dropbox for human review.

NEW Quandaries !

These are decision making mazes. Each decision point leads to a different new point depending on the decision you make. You'll need to login for these, as either a subscriber or member, with the exception of a sample which is free so you can see how these work.

Miscellaneous Older Quizzes

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The quizzes below use a free script which we rewrote extensively. (Some of our improvements were added to the original distribution site by the author!) In December of 2014 it was further customized for our levels of login and to add some more improvements. In about 2017 it was updated to PHP 5.

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